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cover slats

Ocea International offers a wide range of cover slats with a unique 65mm profile providing significant safety advantages and an excellent buoyancy.

All our slats are extruded in-house for a complete control over quality and flexibility related to the lead time and the suggested colours. Moreover the choice of a colour « A la carte » is possible to integrate at best your swimming pool cover to its environment.

We offer two slats qualities:

  • PVC Standard
    Our slats in PVC are specifically designed to answer the current requirements regarding safety and are besides in accordance with the French AFNOR standards NF P90-308.
  • Polycarbonate
    Thanks to a top-quality raw material, our slats in Polycarbonate have a greater longevity due to a better UV protection, a superior rigidity and an excellent impact resistance.

We offer five years of warranty on our Polycarbonate slats and two years on our PVC slats.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive your free slats sample (only for professionals).

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