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quality control

During the entire production process, from the receipt of raw materials, through to the extrusion or injection molding processes, the welding of the end caps and in the metal fabrication department, our Quality Control Division assures the quality of all our products at every stage of production. This quality control is assured by adhering to a stringent method of specific product testing and internal product control methods.

The quality control system is maintained through constant sample checks of components and finished products both during and after the production process, this ensures that all Ocea products are produced to the highest standard and quality

To achieve an optimal quality control system, Ocea carry out the following procedures:

  • constant sample checks of the extruded products to ensure a consistent and high quality slat testing strength, colour ,and dimension;
  • inspection of the final products after assembly;
  • monitoring internal quality requirements and standards;
  • monitoring both the quality requirements and - specifications of each order;
  • monitoring and checking product dimensions to ensure that they are correctly tailored for standard and bespoke orders;
  • all product deviations are strictly monitored and controlled.

Striving for ‘Quality by professionalism’, Ocea International NV continues to invest in new methods to provide its clients with an optimal finished product.

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